Monday, September 29, 2014

Barbie´s Year

What a coincidence!?! It´s a surprising fact for me that this year the Barbie trend is almost everywhere. Yes, I´m talking about the Barbies that we used to collect and design clothes for in our childhood. But I guess that today´s time is a lot different and children are not interested in much more traditional toys anymore and we see Barbies in "unusual places" now.

In the beginning of this year we were all surprised with the limited edition of Sports Illustrated magazine with the doll on its cover. Anyways, that was just the start... A few days ago Jeremy Scott presented his latest RTW Spring 2015 collection, so try to guess what was his main inspiration??! Since then this Moschino collection ´s been one of the biggest street style trends. And that´s not the only fashion line with this motive. Mattel has teamed up with Forever 21 brand and they created Global Barbie Forever 21 Collection, which includes sweaters, backpacks, cosmetics and lot more... Even though I have seen a lot of things I was really amazed to see Karl Lagerfeld Barbie this morning sold at Net-a-Porter for an enormous price of $200, for a doll, and what more, it´s sold out now! Guess that´s the art of limited editions...




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