Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Must have Fall/Winter hats

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a beautiful day today... I love these days, when the weather is not so cold, but there is still a great chance to wear something warmer. Actually, it´s the perfect time to find your fall/winter accessories and to spice up your outfit a little bit.
I know that there are only a few people, which own a different jacket or coat for each day. However, I have a really helpful tip for those of us, who have to work with the things they have. I´m writing from my own experience since I also have some favorite coats I can´t live without, but sometimes it´s a little bit boring to look the same every day.
Because of that I tried to find the best hats for fall/winter season from my favorite online shops and distinguish the main types, which should be present in every single closet. And at the end I´m adding some street style inspiration from well-known icons...
xo Nicole

Berets & caps



Simple beanies

Statement beanies

Some random pics from Google Pictures ...



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