Sunday, October 5, 2014

My First (Published) DIY Project

Hi Everyone! Since I´ve already announced the big changes, I think it would be great to start right after and with the first ever DIY project! Hope you find it at least a bit helpful :)
For a very long time I´ve been searching for the perfect flannel shirt. Not like the ones they´re selling in the shops nowadays, but the ones that our grandparents and parents were wearing when they were younger, I mean the fabric... Anyways, when I was ill last week I realized that I was wearing that type of shirt, which had belonged to my grandpa, at home. And that´s why I carried out my Saturday project for an almost perfect "number shirt".
To be honest I wavered as to whether to post this or not, but here´s the result. It´s really easy and everyone can do it. You just need an old shirt, piece of leather fabric, needle and thread, and a textile glue. And the process: cut, glue, sew, iron and wear ! :)
P.S. Even though I like the result and it´ll be my favorite warm piece for this fall, I´m going to buy the perfect one soon!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
xo Nicole


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  1. Nice ideas - would love it of you could check out my latest AW14 beauty post xo

    Aliona |


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