Thursday, November 13, 2014

On my "imppossible" wishlist ... Rouge Louboutin Starlight

Hi Everyone! I think everyone has nowadays this feeling that wherever you go they remind you it´s "almost" Christmas time. Thanks to this season a lot of designers, but also other artists and singers, will release their newest products.
And that´s also the case of this amazing Christian Louboutin nail polish. I´ve totally loved its previous, cheaper version, but when I saw this one I was absolutely amazed. Not only has it the same "heel-shaped" top, but it is upgraded to a better version, which features 1,500 Strass crystals! And what´s more it has a highly-pigmented formula, so it´s long-lasting and chip resistant. However, its price correspondents to the enhanced package. It´s available for $675 in ten different colors and a limited amount of 1,000 pieces.
All I can say is hats off to Mr. Louboutin for certainly knowing women so well that he can fulfill their deepest dreams.
xo Nicole


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