Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The "Fringe" Trend

Hi Everyone! Another tip for staying "fashion inspired"... 

I have lately realized that the "fringes" are literally everywhere! I know that this ain´t a new trend, however, I think that the last months have been the breakthrough ones. And this situation is not going to change even this year. No matter what type you prefer, you can never be wrong. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the fringes are quite eye-catching, and therefore less is more... But simultaneously normal is boring! :)  

I got the idea to write this article, when I saw one of my favorite models, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, wearing an all black look at the airport. At first glance, it looked like a normal casual and simple outfit, but then I saw her beautiful fringed boots and I completely changed my mind. It´s really interesting, how one unusual piece can change the whole styling. 

Anyways, I´m also attaching some random street style pics, some pieces from my favorite online shops and also my creation of the perfect "fringe" style. Hope you like it, 

xo Nicole

Jewels: Anninaa Vogel 

Some "fringe" pieces from my favorite online shops ....

ASOS (€92.86)

ASOS (€40.00)

ASOS (€30.00)

Boohoo (€20.00)

Boohoo (€25.00)

Boohoo (€20.00)

RiverIsland (€50.00)

NastyGal ($68.00)

NastyGal ($98.00)

NastyGal ($166.60)

Tobi (€28.23)

MissGuided (€41.99)

Topshop (€50.00)

Topshop (€85.00)

Forever21 (€13.50)

Mango (€49.99)

Mango (€69.99)

Zara (€10.95)

Zara (€27.95)

Some random looks from my google search for inspiration ... 

And finally the way I would style my fringe skirt ... I´m totally in love with this set I created on Polyvore! The thing I like the most about it are those yellow heels in contrast with the leather fringe skirt and purple lipstick... What do u think? :)

"Fringe" Inspiration for Spring

Crop shirt

Vegan leather pencil skirt

Noir pave bracelet

Quay Eyeware sunglasses

Nars cosmetic

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