Monday, December 22, 2014

On my wishlist... Kylie Jenner´s Christmas shopping look

Hi Everyone! It´s been a rough couple of weeks, but finally it´s time to relax and spend your days with family and friends. Even though right now you may still be baking, cleaning up or making your holiday decorations, I guarantee you that in a few hours you´ll forget all your problems while watching favorite Christmas fairytale.

However, I have to share with you the most amazing sweater dress I´ve lately seen and maybe give you some late Christmas gift inspiration... Since the moment I saw Kylie wearing this Opening Ceremony dress with a zip detail I have completely fallen in love with her outfit. It looks so fresh, modern, but also comfortable and chic. Perfect for almost any occasion! Although the price is not as we´d want it to be, I hope they will be on sale. And for those of you, who will be searching for its cheaper version, I suggest very similar dresses from ASOS. 

Hope you love this look like I do, 

xo Nicole

Cheaper version of sweater dresses with zip detail from

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