Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Friday, October 24, 2014

My Trend Alert - Tartan/Checkered Skirt

Hi Everyone! It´s Friday finally, which means that I definitely have some time to do the things I love... It´s been a very busy week for me. It all started on Monday with my work, continued with my school and then it all ended, as you may have seen on my Instagram account, today with my job again. Unfortunately, lately I´ve been over loaded with all my responsibilities... Anyways, I hope that your weeks are not so stressed like mines and so you can find some time to shop, too. After all, women, and also some of the men, never have enough pieces in their closet.
Check print/ tartan/ plaid is definitely one of my favorite trends I´ve loved for a while now. And when it´s better to wear it than in autumn and winter!?!... Already last year, I posted the best street style photos of this trend. The situation hasn´t changed so much, but this year I´m mostly fond of checkered skirts. Midi, mini, maxi, green, blue, red... no matter which one you choose, you´ll always look alluring. I personally have a crush on the monochrome ones (black-and-white) and I´m surely purchasing one in the next few days.
I believe that from the great variety of this skirts on different websites (as ASOS, Boohoo or RiverIsland) and in most of the shops, you´ĺl find the suitable one for you. Enjoy your weekend,
xo Nicole

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Quote

Hi Everyone! I think that there are no words necessary to explain why I have chosen this quote... So for this week, Oscar de la Renta, a true fashion legend, genius, and a man who could make out of each dress a real work of art...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blake Lively inspired Saturday Style

Hi Everyone! What a beautiful Saturday... I love days like this!

From the moment I saw Blake´s boho chic pregnant look this morning, I´ve totally fallen in love with it. I have to say that pregnancy suits her very well and her face is glowing with happiness. As well as the last time (inspired by Sienna Miller), I´ve prepared a similar college to the look she was wearing. Actually, the coat, which I love the most about this look, is made by the same designer, Lindsey Thornburg. But however, I think that Blake would look good in anything with those long legs ...
Hope you love this look as I do. And if so, you can find many other collages on my Polyvore account.
Have a beautiful rest of the weekend,
xo Nicole

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Quote

Hi Everyone! As well as last week, I´ve prepared for you a Wednesday quote. This time from a more fashion perspective. However, I think that it´s really general and it works in each sector...
I love Grace! Especially her red hair, which is always so visible on each fashion week. And due to the fact that she is currently the Creative Director for Vogue US and has experienced a lot in her life, she can be a great inspiration for everyone.
xo Nicole

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Inspiration from Polyvore: Moschino Barbie

When I saw Moschino´s Spring 2015 collection for the first time, I didn´t like it. But now I think that Jeremy Scott is a genius. Hardly anyone can create something so bizarre, but yet so imaginative. Although the show was too cheesy, the pieces in combination with neutral colors don´t look bad at all. Here´s how I´d definitely wear this dress. You can find more similar sets on my Polyvore account.
xo Nicole

Moschino Barbie

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sienna Miller "Foxcatcher" Premiere Inspired Look

Hi Everyone! For today I recreated Sienna Miller´s last night look from the "Foxcatcher" Premiere. I loved everything about this outfit... the all black pieces, heavy gold chain necklace, her lipstick, wet hair look... Absolutely everything! It´s so fresh and finally she looks her age.. You can find more info about this look on my Polyvore page. Hope you love it as I do. Have a nice weekend! 

xo Nicole

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Must have Fall/Winter hats

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a beautiful day today... I love these days, when the weather is not so cold, but there is still a great chance to wear something warmer. Actually, it´s the perfect time to find your fall/winter accessories and to spice up your outfit a little bit.
I know that there are only a few people, which own a different jacket or coat for each day. However, I have a really helpful tip for those of us, who have to work with the things they have. I´m writing from my own experience since I also have some favorite coats I can´t live without, but sometimes it´s a little bit boring to look the same every day.
Because of that I tried to find the best hats for fall/winter season from my favorite online shops and distinguish the main types, which should be present in every single closet. And at the end I´m adding some street style inspiration from well-known icons...
xo Nicole

Berets & caps

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On my "impossible" wishlist...

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great day today and that you´re enjoying the last days of Indian Summer to the fullest.
As almost everyone I have my "impossible" wishlist, too, and from today there´s one pretty amazing thing on it. When I saw this watch for the first time, I´ve totally fallen in love with them. And I´m sure that I´m not the only one. From today they are selling this limited edition (only 500 pieces) of Givenchy Seventeen black and gold watch on What I love the most about them is their minimalist design and the fact that they come with two interchangeable straps, one in nylon and the other in calfskin leather. However, thousand euros is quite a lot of money, so that´s why this list is so "impossible"... Well, if you cannot resist anyways, hurry up, they´ll be quickly out of stock!
xo Nicole

Monday, October 6, 2014

My Favorites from PFW

Good Morning Everyone! It´s official. RTW Spring 2015 fashion weeks have already ended, so it´s the right time to recap the best looks from the Paris Fashion Week, which is actually my favorite one. It´s been a long month full of memorable pieces on the runways, beautiful models, more than interesting hairstyles and makeups, and, of course, always perfectly dressed front row.
Although I tried hard to identify trends for the upcoming season, I couldn´t find the biggest ones due to the multitude of designers and really different collections. Well I can say that during this fashion days we´ve seen everything... beautiful coats, leather in different colors, a lot of white and black, pastel blue and orange, layering, suit up, flowers, interesting cuts, but as well as beautiful dresses like any other season.
Anyways, here is what I came up with when scrolling through the majority of photos. Hope you like at least some of the models and that you find there something, what inspires you.
xo Nicole
Acne Studios

Sunday, October 5, 2014

My First (Published) DIY Project

Hi Everyone! Since I´ve already announced the big changes, I think it would be great to start right after and with the first ever DIY project! Hope you find it at least a bit helpful :)
For a very long time I´ve been searching for the perfect flannel shirt. Not like the ones they´re selling in the shops nowadays, but the ones that our grandparents and parents were wearing when they were younger, I mean the fabric... Anyways, when I was ill last week I realized that I was wearing that type of shirt, which had belonged to my grandpa, at home. And that´s why I carried out my Saturday project for an almost perfect "number shirt".
To be honest I wavered as to whether to post this or not, but here´s the result. It´s really easy and everyone can do it. You just need an old shirt, piece of leather fabric, needle and thread, and a textile glue. And the process: cut, glue, sew, iron and wear ! :)
P.S. Even though I like the result and it´ll be my favorite warm piece for this fall, I´m going to buy the perfect one soon!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
xo Nicole