Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday Quotes: Happy New Year

Let this New Year be the one, where all your dreams come true!
Wishing you a Happy New Year!


My 2014 highlights

Happy 31st Everyone! As this year ends today, I have for you the last part of my 2014 favorites. This time, I summed up the most influential trends, designers, campaigns... 


"Normcore" has been here for some decades now, but it was developed as a term only last year in October by the trend agency K-Hole. It´s main idea is that you rather fit in than stand out. Denim trousers, plain t-shirts, comfy sweaters, hoodies and label-free designs are the main characteristics of the most widespread trend. But be careful, this doesn´t mean that you don´t care, what you wear! Just patiently choose the correct items... 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The best "celeb" street style looks of 2014

Hello, dears! Hope you had a great day even though it´s freezing outside... 

Anyways, as I have previously mentioned, I have for you another "analysis" of the almost finished year. This time, I´m turning the spotlight on the stars, whose style inspired me the most. Or we can also say that those are the best "celebrity" street style looks. I know, that you probably won´t be surprised that I contained Kanye & Rihanna. However, I have to admit that in addition to these two, my favorite street style icons of this year are the Jenner sisters. I´m totally loving Kylie´s edgy looks and Kendall´s model-off-duty style...

No matter what, I believe that when you have some fashion taste and combine simple pieces like Miranda or Rosie, you won´t do anything wrong... Let me know what you think :) 

xo Nicole 

Kendall Jenner 

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Red Carpet/Party Queens

Hi Everyone! As the days go by, the end of this year is fast approaching. So I think this is the perfect time to recap the year 2014, and so be ready to what the next year might bring! 

In the next few days I´ll be posting my bests from the still ongoing year. And here I should stop by the word "my" to strengthen that it´s only my opinion. However, if you think I forgot something, I´ll be very happy if you let me know. 

There were many nights, when I tried to inform you and upload photos from various events right after or even during the show. I believe that everyone, who is at least a little bit interested in fashion, is excited about the newest red carpet, after-party, front-row and movie premiere looks. That´s why I tried to pick the best ones from this year. My choices were not made just because of the beautiful dresses worn, but also due to the make-up, hair style and the overall aura of the person... 

Hope we´d agree on some of them. 
xo Nicole 

Rihanna wearing Zac Posen dress at her first annual Diamond Ball

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas time...

During this miraculous time that is Christmas may you see with the eyes of a child, experience the wonder of love, and truly enjoy all that the season has to offer! 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 


Monday, December 22, 2014

On my wishlist... Kylie Jenner´s Christmas shopping look

Hi Everyone! It´s been a rough couple of weeks, but finally it´s time to relax and spend your days with family and friends. Even though right now you may still be baking, cleaning up or making your holiday decorations, I guarantee you that in a few hours you´ll forget all your problems while watching favorite Christmas fairytale.

However, I have to share with you the most amazing sweater dress I´ve lately seen and maybe give you some late Christmas gift inspiration... Since the moment I saw Kylie wearing this Opening Ceremony dress with a zip detail I have completely fallen in love with her outfit. It looks so fresh, modern, but also comfortable and chic. Perfect for almost any occasion! Although the price is not as we´d want it to be, I hope they will be on sale. And for those of you, who will be searching for its cheaper version, I suggest very similar dresses from ASOS. 

Hope you love this look like I do, 

xo Nicole

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fave Street Style Looks from the past week

Hi Everyone! I´m sorry that I´m not posting a lot these days, but actually I have three exams in the next two days, my "diploma" thesis, work and Christmas gifts, obviously...

However, I couldn´t resist to show you my favorite street style moments from the past week. Each of them is totally different, but I find them all really inspiring! 

Hope you also love them & make sure to relax and take care of yourself during those busy days, too. 

xo Nicole 

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing grey sweater dress & thigh-high boots while shopping. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rihanna´s favorite winter accessory... and mine too!

Hi Everyone! Hope you have already bought all of your Christmas presents, ´cause the traffic jams on the streets and also in the shops are driving me crazy nowadays...
Anyways, I have for you some winter inspiration from my most favorite girl, my all-time crush Rihanna. As you all know, I love her style, her personality, her songs, her attitude and the way she makes everything how she wants it to be done. Recently I have noticed that she wore the same winter jacket for several times. And, as usually, I´ve totally fallen in love with this Isabel Marant Étoile Flor Quilted Coat... so much that I had to buy a similar one, or at least in similar colors, too. I bought it from River Island, so I highly recommend you to have a look at their site, because they have the best stuff and currently, they also have some seasonal sale!
Can´t wait to take some photos of my new jacket for you! Have a nice week!
xo Nicole


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

VSFS 2014

Hi Everyone! It´s been a very long day today and I can only imagine that not only for me, but also for all the Victoria´s Secret angels, which took part in its 2014 fashion show.
There are two main reasons, why I love December... Christmas & Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show! So you can see that it was a really huge event for me and I could only wish to be there today. However, from the photos I´ve seen up to now, I have to say that this year´s show was much better than the last year´s one. Maybe because of the change in place, but I also loved the themes this year.
It was the first time after 19 years that the show took place abroad, at the Earls Court Exhibition Center in London. Also for the first time in the history of this event, two Dream Angels Fantasy Bras were shown! Each worth $2 million. There were six segments: Gilded Angels, Exotic Traveler, Dream Girl, Fairy Tale, University of Pink and Angel Ball. All the well-known VS Angels alongside a new one, Elsa Hosk, and other models showed us their toned bodies veiled in lot of lace and satin.
Although all the models are incredibly beautiful, I think that each year their bodies look worse and they´re starting to look like female "Transformers". I know that they´re working out a lot, but sometimes less is more. A typical example of this trend is for me Iza and Doutzen. What I actually didn´t like about the 2014 show was Ed Sheeran´s "Thinking Out Loud" song. Even though this song is one of my favorite and I was incredibly happy that Ed was going to perform it and he sang his heart out, I think it did not fit to the Exotic Traveler segment very well. Despite this, I loved all the song choices (Taylor Swift, Hozier, Ariana Grande and Ed) and I must say that Taylor sometimes looked better than the actual models (mainly on the pic with Alessandra).
Finally, the biggest stars of the 2014 VSFS were for me Candice, Behati, Lily Donaldson and Elsa... and their heels :) ! Can´t wait to see the videos and the whole show, which airs on Dec 9th on CBS.
xo Nicole
P.S.: Keep in mind that this is only from my point of view! Some other photos are also available here.