Monday, November 3, 2014

Winter Inspiration

Hi Everyone! It´s just a matter of time, before it finally starts to snow. But since I´m one of those people who think that it should only be snowing for the two weeks around Christmas, I´m not so excited...
However, winter season has already started and as every year, the first pre-holiday sales are here! I don´t want it to look like some kind of an advert, but as long as I love ASOS and it´s been my number one shopping destination for five years I think, I´ll be mentioning it a lot. This time, I have picked my favorite pieces from their first winter 25% off sales.  All these pieces are different, but I think that they are really suitable for this season and even I don´t know, which one of them will end up in my shopping bag. No matter how, they´ve all been added to my wish list!
I hope you find them inspiring and that you´ll even purchase some of them. For motivation I´m posting some random winter street style photos, too.
And remember, winter is all about accessories!
xo Nicole
My favorite winter sale pieces from Asos:
Barts Kahlo Leather Gloves (41,94 EUR)

Oasis Three Pack Frill Socks (8,53 EUR)

ASOS Shift Dress with Peplum Hem in Stripe (34,12 EUR)

Dr Martens Modern Classics 1460 Patent 8-Eye Boots (95,26 EUR)

ASOS 2 Stripe Over The Knee Socks (4,98 EUR)

Alpha Industries Explorer Parka Coat With Faux Fur Hood (213,27 EUR)

ASOS Structured Jumper In Colourblock (42,65 EUR)

Report Signature Ashtin Multi Buckle Ankle Boots (116,59 EUR)

New Look Embroidered Bag with Tassles (20,62 EUR)

ASOS Faux Fur Grid Collar (31,99 EUR)

 Random street style pics from my Google search:


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